100 Packing Tape Textures

Free Packing Tape PNG Textures

Free Packing Tape PNG Textures
Free Packing Tape PNG Textures
Free Packing Tape PNG Textures

All tapes stick to solid matter without a hitch, but out of all the tape textures found online to this day, only ours is good enough to stick to mind. After all, it’s the first time such a massive collection is exclusively prepared and available for download focusing only on brown packing tape PNGs. Plus, we could have charged big bucks for such an elite pack with 100 wrinkled brown packing tape textures, but as you see, there’s no price tag on the post. It’s just the download button. So click now and start taping things into your design in the most realistic fashion.

Stick these bad boys to your artwork and your design will stick out by a mile with the highest resolution seen among free and premium tape textures. Must feel nice not paying a cent and getting to take your craftsmanship to another level with 100 transparent and isolated textures, plus the previous 100 masking tape pieces, which by the way are also free of charge. It only gets better when our next tape collections are out. So stick around – no pun intended!

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