100+ Blood Textures

100+ Free Blood PNG Transparent Textures (High Resolution)

100+ Free Blood PNG Transparent Textures (High Resolution)

Imagine a murder scene, blood spilled everywhere, maybe even some high-pitched screaming in the background. That’s what a good blood texture does to your art. It sets the perfect mood and you can’t tell whether that’s all real or not. Does any of that ring a bell? If yes, you must be already familiar with our terrific free blood brush collection. That’s one of those things that once you work with, you can never forget, because there’s only one of it on the entire internet. Nothing else even comes close.

Besides that, when you find something so top-level without having to pay anything, it’ll be pretty much stamped on your memory for good. The great news is that this texture pack, just like its previous brush version, is available with a free commercial license for all RB users. We used the latest scanning techniques to capture every last detail, and the whole process was done manually to create something original. Sure it took us a few weeks, but look at the result now. Isn’t it just worth it? Especially when you will mention our socials on your final masterpiece. We can’t wait! Just like you’ll be looking forward to our next free exclusive textures sure enough.

Without further ado, download our 100+ blood PNGs with transparent backgrounds and you get to convey the same kind of horror in any of your own designs. It’s just going to look like an actual crime scene with all the blood dripping and blood stains you’ll add here and there in a bit unsettling yet artistic way! If you want to solve this case and find more evidence about who was guilty of creating such a killer resource pack, maybe you’ll find all the clues you need in our free fingerprint textures. The answer is right there!

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