100+ Lip Print Textures

100 Free Lip Print Lipstick PNG Textures

100 Free Lip Print Lipstick PNG Textures
100 Free Lip Print Lipstick PNG Textures
100 Free Lip Print Lipstick PNG Textures

Didn’t you want to make your love letters more real or your Valentines Day posters more romantic? Well, that’s exactly what our lip print texture collection is for. We have prepared 100 different lip patterns that allow you to find the most ideal option and match it with the rest of your design theme. Just drag and drop any of them on your photos, customize the color as you fancy, and you’re done. It’s as simple as that! After all, we’re not talking about some ordinary lip print texture pack here. This is officially the first collection of transparent lip print textures that has ever been made to provide such a great number of PNGs and lip variety. And better yet, it’s 100% free of charge. Another point for Resource Boy! But it wasn’t our first big hit, nor is it going to be the last. We’re already working on their brush version which you can download as soon as it’s published from 100 lip print brushes. As for our previous freebies, they are also available for download right now at Resource Boy’s exclusive library.

Download RB’s world-class 100 lip print PNG textures and give a very real kiss to your love partner, mother, or anyone else dear to you any time you need to. You’re so going to love how high resolution and super realistic our lip textures are. In case you don’t know, we have created the entire pack from scratch, with real photos scanned from the lipstick prints. And it’s not like we’ve used some random lips either, especially not when one of our own designers has such sexy lips. You’ll see! She’s made a huge contribution to this bundle. Just upgrade your tool painting kit with our cool kiss lips textures now and let the red lipsticks, pink lips, and any other of your personalized colors jump right off the page against not just white backgrounds but on any design at all. It can be a greeting card, a Canvas art, or a GIF for social media. Either way, you’ll have our awesome photographic prints of lip textures to give your artwork an undeniable spark. If you remember, the same thing happened with our 100+ free hand / fingerprint textures too, didn’t it? So you should already know what lies ahead. Then let’s not wait any longer and try these original high quality lip print textures too this instant.

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