60 Footprint Photoshop Brushes

Free Footprint Photoshop Brushes

Free Footprint Photoshop Brushes
Free Footprint Photoshop Brushes
Free Footprint Photoshop Brushes

If you think searching for the best footprint Photoshop brushes is hard, try making them. That’ll change your mind. If only you knew what we went through to bring you this pack, you’d treat it like a gem. After all the troubles of the design process, the free commercial license makes no sense, and yet here we are. We’re quite set in our way. So use them to level up your different designs artistically and we’ll take that as reimbursement for all the time we put into this. In fact, that applies to all the rest of our free Photoshop brushes too. You just have to get creative with them.

Don’t get us started on what a disaster it led to though. These footprint brushes may look so neat in their 4k resolution now, but it took a while before we got there. You should have been there to see all the mess behind the scenes. It’s been weeks and we still find ink stains everywhere. That’s how much we care about high quality. It took a while before the crisis was over and all along, we could easily trace everyone around. You just had to follow the footsteps. We’re not kidding! There’s no way you could imagine the chaos.

Now that the world’s greatest footprint brush set is in front of you, you’ve got the option to download 60 of them at once and keep things as real as possible in your designs. That’s only one of the perks of having them handmade from scratch. So whenever you want to leave a trace of yourself somewhere, these footstep brushes come in handy, both with and without shoes. You should have seen this coming after our hand / fingerprint brushes. Equip yourself with the best tools in the market from Resource Boy, and considering all we’ve been through to make them, let’s make it count.

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